The imitation fallacy

People may do something, other people mimic such. What is not taken into account is the reason and work that guided such actions. All of these self help quacks and other clownish troubadors are completely tricking you into habits. I am not saying this is wrong or even unaffective/uneffective (both work).

The reasons such habits are adopted by these paragons of success are what need to be studied and examined. Yeah, visually you can mimic another’s actions to effect but it will only ever be just that… mimicry. Once we fully step out of this divisive competiton based society, into what is coming, perhaps then the true power of inspiration and passion will be realized.

7 thoughts on “The imitation fallacy

  1. Perceiving the matrix can be done in a glimpse, helping TBI survivors with the ground hog day of PTSD and the subsequent time delays is something only those that those who have been there can do. ✍️

    1. It’s weird, I had no real cognitive impairments with my TBI, apart from a 6 month bout of short term recall. Ascension has proven more of a personality shift, this past year.

      1. I’ll be posting selfies with the food I bought for the homeless soon enough to socials. Good luck to you.

  2. I’ve worked in disability support and some don’t fair as well as you. Short term memory loss, confusion & PTSD. The psychiatrists don’t really help. Good luck to you, your blog/ poetry is quite interesting 👍

  3. Stillness and travel is my catharsis, if that makes any sense. Strange times we are living in. 👁️

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