Women and ROI

Women used to be a prize sought after by males… back before men gave up their masculinity, when women were wives, rather than hypergamous whores. Its a direct road to hell, these past 60 years. Seeing things from a shallow overview, damn! We’re fucked.

In all honesty… the past few, the current, and the next couple generations are fucked. Mothers and fathers need to teach their daughters to not be hypergamous whores.

Respect sex. Sex was intended to be a beautiful portal ceremony and viewed as such. Everytime a child is conceived, consciousness connects through the womb of man (woman)… creating a portal where a consciousness begins its turn at human life.

This solopsistic bullshit of modern day society is on par with Soddom and Gamorra, of old. Such is the culmination of a 6000 year campaign, by the Draco, to enslave the race of man. The thing is, we’re watching a movie, those with eyes.

Light wins the big battle… but we’re gonna have to start raising our daughters to be women and wives and stop raising girls as boys and insufferable twats..

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