Middletown, Ohio

The city of Middletown is a hidden gem. A growing powerhouse of culture nestled between the burgeoning super cities of Cincinnati and Dayton, Middletown is poised to be a great stopover cultural hub of the new republic’s heart.

In 2021 Middletown was proposed to be the new entertainment hub of the coming 5D nation. However, the stain of 3D’s Hollywood and the curse of satanic witchcraft hung heavy over the reputation of such a place, the aversion to bringing such to the midwest is understandable. Seeing the coming economy in vision form, the world is a place of burgeoning potential. That’s just a fancy way of saying not a damn thing. You’re welcome…. but then again, that’s what is seen on the surface. Action is the catalyst for potential. The fallacy of the corrupt Hollywood fears is that the Nazis and Khazarian Mafia who ran Hollywood, CA are no longer on this plane.

Walking down the downtown streets of Middletown, nearly every morning, change is easy to see. Easy to see, if observance is the goal. They’ve been readily refurbishing the downtown area since they got rid of the bullshit City Centre Mall….

Other things are occupying my mind, I may finish this later. Cheers.

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