Well okay then

Traditionalism… its a one sided affair these days and men are saying these days are over. For decades, women have thrived in their debaucherous bullshit with little say from men… because, “OMG, the patriarchy!” Men were shamed into accepting the society demolishing bullshit of female promescuity.

Much like a ten year old kid being let loose in a candy shop with endless amounts of money. Such has been the past 60 years with women doing whatever the fuck they want with their bodies.

Women, modern women especially, stop maturing around puberty or when they first notice the attention of men. Maturity only recommences after they hit the wall, if maturity recommences at all. We live in the era of Alpha Widows.

Nearly 100% of women have been fucking and trading the top 5-10% of men, equating them with all men. These men are men with options. You women are just that… tools, Like I’ve said in past posts, a woman can either be a whore or a wife. You make your choice young, ladies. You can be a notch in an alpha’s bedpost or a valued member of a family unit. No, you cannot have both. Fuck your feelings. Watering down your pair bonding ability, women, is a choice to forgo any semblance of a traditional life.

This is the reason was why the father was in control of marrying their daughters off. If you women want traditional men, you have to raise traditional women from kids. You modern women craving traditionalism can kick rocks. You will not find a man of value to take you seriously. Choices have consequences. Being a slut is the reality young women have embraced via envy and other such low vibraional energies.

I’m not here to give false hope that you’ll find ‘the one’ someday. That’s coping bullshit. Yeah, you may find some gullible cuck to take you in, like adopting a stray from the pound. You will not have a love of the ages or of your imagination. Women fucked up. Claim it, own it, stop it. Stop trying to be men. Raise young women as women.

As for men, we will be fine. Each of us going our own way.

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