A new earth, a new you

Went through every one of my profile photos on Facebook, on Facebook…finding I see myself as a stranger, as if I am not this person on earth anymore, but something… more. My spirit has awoken and the old me is nearly full shed.

Mourn the loss, I won’t, embrace the love. Ever forward. After spending 2+ decades mourning and slowly shedding the remnants of 3D Kyle, I am.

2 thoughts on “A new earth, a new you

  1. Is this the part where we all walk on to an Indian reservation and tell them ” we fucked up and created the demiurge/matrix, but we have achieved a state of gnosis now and are now one with the great spirit, the new 5d earth is on it’s way “…..join us….and come back to the fold…meditation is at 1pm….synchronicity classes will be held in the training room, $300 for a one day course. Cue generic new age greeting/goodbye ” Namaste”. 🙏

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