First step

One of if not the first step into your own ascension process is to decalcify your pineal gland.

Begin by being aware of what you put into your body, the largest culprit of calcification of human pineal glands is fluoride. Fluoride is an industrial waste and neurotoxin. Remove all fluoride from your diet, immediately. Buy a water filter that filters out fluoride, if you’re using solely tap water. I have such a filter and use distilled water, only, in my coffee maker.

The second largest source of fluouride consumption is toothpaste and fluoride, Stop it, get some help! Find fluoride free brands. There are foods that aide in such decalcification, you’ll have to do some research yourself.

5 thoughts on “First step

  1. A middle class on auto pilot and the micro verse easily takes over, divide and conquer/ two party politics. Manipulation is a dimension that exists inside us all. Mass hysteria will have everyone heading for the same exit. Convert it to light for the little ones ( they understand light codes more than adults do). You think these ppl going to feel the shit you say? I have a better chance of joining the KKK. Aversion to organised religion, is synonymous with some fractions of light workers. Statistically speaking, you have more chance of being sexually assaulted by a member of the clergy, than a drag queen.

  2. Schrodinger’s cat. When you wake up half alive but mostly dead. Maybe one day you’ll tell us all if you flat lined or not….and planet earth always has a seat at the poker match and Kim Kardashian is rumoured to have a higher I.Q than Bill Gates. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. 👁️

      1. Some of it is lyrics…that are plagiarised and don’t need to be referenced on socials. 🤫

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