WW1 to Trump: Episode 1

Current happenings are the public continuation of the universal conflict, that has near culminated to the nirvana we’re about to experience. This public play began in 1914 with the assassination if FDF by GP. This led to WW1, which led to the Balfour Declaration; German poverty, blah blah blah, history bullshit. Bad things happened.

Hitler, that bastard Rothschild, did some shit in a trench, tried to wear a gas mask… found his glorious mustache was an obstruction. That stylish bastard, with a keen, mustachioed love trimmed his mustache with fucking yardstick!

Risk (^trademark thing) is a stupid fucking game!!!! Fun as fuck if you’re Kamchatka, yes… however, if you’re cuck enough to choose any other country besides… game tippingly, Monopoly (^trademark thing) x10 horrible. Bullshit allegorical anecdotes aside, few have ever finished a game of Risk (^trademark thing).

That was World War 1.

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