Projected Outcome: cats

20’s girls: “Men ain’t shit!” “We don’t need no men, we’re boss bitches!”

30+ women: “Where are all the good men?!?”

Good men listened, your projection worked beautifully. You guys (women that behave this way…c’mon now, no sense lying about it) can kick rocks. Your projection was “men ain’t shit”, all we hear is “We have nothing but knowing how to put on makeup to offer a man”.


You (women) got what you asked for. Where are all the ticker tape parades and such for winning your crowning feminist victory?

What’s with the isms?!! Normally they’re seen as not good things. Feminism and therefore feminists are on par with chauvinism and chauvinists. Feminism is praised by the brainwashed masses… it’s appalling that lust for power has grown so great that an ideology that purports equality is anything but. It is the definition of gynocracy…. which isn’t even an official word in WordPress, as it’s marked as misspelled.

With zero fucks to give on many a man’s part, concerning women…the number keeps growing, men will be fine. Women, on the other hand, have a near impossible battle to get a long term man and monstrously slim chance of keeping this man.

If they find one.

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