A Fresh Experience to Memory

It’s weird how the synchronicities of life play out when you give up trying to control everything.

Oft times I can mentally bypass the basal ganglia and long term, endemic, memories and actually lose myself in well known areas. It was massively alarming/amazing the first time it occurred

I find myself able to completely bypass my residual midbrain memory and see environments with completely fresh eyes. It is a practice I’ve been experimenting with these past few months

Browsing my media sites of choice, sometime in April, I came across some books I wanted to obtain. “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg was one of the three i ordered. Was drawn to the book after some 5 or 6 months, mid October, the second paragraph of page 8 stuck out to me:

From the day of his surgery until his death, in 2008, every person H.M. met, every song he heard, every room he entered, was a completely fresh experience. His brain was frozen in time. Each Day, he was befuddled by the fact that someone could change the television channel by pointing a black rectangle of plastic at the screen. He introduced himself to his doctors and nurses over and over, dozens of times each day.

This excerpt struck because of the basal ganglia phenomenon I’ve been experimenting with, before reading this book.

I just went through a memory thing….

Consciously writing, line upon page….setting progress for near or future living.

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