It’s just too damn bad

Being a reasonable, logical, “good” man has led to this magical place of freedom. This place of majesty, this place of absolute autonomy… confirmed bachelordom. The juice is not worth the squeeze. I’ve been monk mode for the past almost eight years. I am absolutely in love with my life! Yeah yeah…. I still get the urge to dive into a piece of pink sleeve, fuck.. I am only 38 and still quite spry, considering. 15-45 minutes to myself and the post-nut clarity is astounding. Men, #DontBeHasty in wifing up these 304s!

The past few generations of women have bastardized their femininity and cursed the meaning of “woman”. Womb of man. Fuck your feelings, and your modern gas lighting and projection bull hockey. Men and women are different, that doesn’t mean a woman cannot do what a man can do….. Fuck me, feminism really is a precursor of socialism and thus communism.

Take hookup culture, the same 10-15% of guys are passing around nearly 100% of women and still… women champion the “boss bitch” mentality, chasing Alpha-Widowhood. Here’s a secret ladies… your days of fooling a majority of men is done. FINIS!

We (as a society) are going to have a rough go of it, concerning the population levels, but we men of this country (United States for America) are not so bad off. What with the #DePopShot and the falling birthrate… it’s true. Feminism must be a tool in the toolbox of the cabal.

Work with me here: Family, nothing is stronger than the bond of blood and family. How does an overarching hegemony of nefarious thought overcome the strongest part of a society? The sexual revolution of the 1960s… oh, you think that occurred organically? The scam of Roe v Wade in 1973… legalized the abduction of fetuses and fetal tissue (food for the elites). No fault divorce…(80% of divorces are initiated by women, 50% of marriages end in divorce) incentivizing women, who operate largely on emotion, to forgo their marriage vows and end a marriage because they’re bored or whatever they want. Marry first for lust (they don’t know what love is), second for money or some shit.

“We don’t need no men!” We have heard it for decades and guess what? We heard you. As far as we’re concerned, if you want married… now that your in your 30s/40s, the top guys (all you ladies share/STDs) aren’t hitting you up any more, you’re looking for one of those thousands of guys, now entering their prime, that you spurned while you were in your prime. Kick rocks, you are invisible to us, go do whatever spinsters do with the rest of your alpha widow coven. (What am I saying?!? you guys really hate each other… get a cat or 9.)

Now, men don’t have to support you, we never really had to. Men did so because you were a utility on our belt… for posterity’s sake, womb of man. Woman

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