That Hillary Clinton has been a practicing Satanist has been known to every single International Intelligence Agency globally worth their weight in salt for decades.

The only question at hand is the depth of the depravity & Pure EVIL that she has been involved in that was irrefutablely know to these agencies.

Do MI6, Säpo or the Mossad ever discussed with their current leaders such things? Are they fully compromised too?

Flashback to 2016 and think of all of the political leaders who not only endorsed HRC domestically and internationally, but all of those who blatantly slandered her opponent unjustly…

There were only two reasons to endorse HRC and attack Trump: These leaders were one of [them] or they were blackmailed by [them]…

There is an Elite Satanic Baphomet Cult, also known as Cult 93. End of story. Fact.

One good man has stated that ‘Truth is a force of nature.’ I fully concur and nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing.

Dark to LIGHT. 🙏🌍🌎🌏

John Miranda

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