Brian Cates says:

They not only don’t have anything real on Trump, so much has come out about how the investigation into Trump and this Mar A Lago raid was handled that the DOJ and FBI just had to very publicly fire the SAIC leading the charge to indict Trump.

And why? Why did they have to very publicly give him The Walk of Shame? The Walk of Shame where you are obviously being escorted off the premises after having cleaned out your office?

Because several things happened that were never supposed to happen.

And yet, somehow…they did happen.

1. The FBI/DOJ were forced to unseal the search warrant and the property list.

2. Then they were forced by the court to unseal the affidavit.

It quickly became apparent that the people leading the raid on Mar A Lago deliberately misled Florida Magistrate Judge Reinhardt on several issues to get him to sign off on their raid warrant.

That led to the third thing that happened that was NEVER supposed to happen:

3. Trump filed in the court and demanded the appointment of a Special Master to investigate the investigators investigating him. A federal judge in Florida has announced she fully intends to appoint a Special Master to investigate exactly what the FBI/DOJ did in this raid.

Concurrent with the federal judge making her announcement in a ruling in court about the appointment of a Special Master to do a deep investigatory dive into just how the FBI handled this Mar-A-Lago raid and what was seized from the premises there, you suddenly have Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray grabbing the Special Agent In Charge [SAIC] of their Trump witch hunt, rushing to the side of the federal boat and unceremoniously tossing him over the side.

After this spectacle, they’d go ahead and indict Trump anyway? Let me just say I seriously have doubts about that.

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