Patel update –

My thoughts/guesses:

Kinda like many other situations we’ve watched unfold since Jan 20, 2021…….the real actions occurring in regards to policy just do not match the agenda of the Biden administration.

If you look at things from a birds eye view & read the fine print, they align with the agenda & policy of Trump, Pence & Pompeo.

So if you start comparing what you are hearing & seeing from MSM with

what’s ACTUALLY happening

where funding is REALLY going

who is REALLY politically aligned with the United States……

you start to see more & more concrete proofs of Devolution.

Nothing makes a ton of sense right now bc we are basically in the matrix…..COOP, KAYFABE & Art of War are in full play.

We are waking up normies with the dire consequences of Global Deep State NWO, but with protections in place that prevent these dire consequences from becoming America’s reality.

A safety net was put in place by Pompeo & Trump using economic sanctions, tariffs & trade deals to create a Diplomatic Coalition (my new favorite word).

This is what Trump, Pence, Pompeo, Grenell, Grassley, Ron Johnson & many other Patriots spent the last 4 years building. And in my opinion, it’s why Devolution can be active without any of the “normies” ever having to even know!

Globalists vs Nationalists.

Global leaders who are “COUNTRY FIRST” have temporarily aligned against a common enemy……The Deep State New World Order.


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