A country of 1.5 Billion came to the realization that the only way they can win a war against us is by releasing viruses to kill us. They know Americans cannot lose because we will never surrender, we won’t let evil terrorize the innocent, we won’t sit by and watch. We owe it to our families, to our ancestors to stare evil in the eye and smile. Those that submitted to evil have gone too far and GOD is ready to judge them for their cowardice. Know that we are feared by our enemies because they’ve seen our determination to free the world from tyrants. We come from those people that we read about in our history books. The people that ran into machine gun fire, the people that gave their lives so we could be free. Let’s make them proud. Let’s SAVE AMERICA and then SAVE THE WORLD. We must sacrifice so the people that inherit this world after us can make it what it was always supposed to be. I am ANONYMOUS, I am nobody, I am GODs child, I am behind you watch your six evil.




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