A Word from Lin Wood

Below is a perfect example as to why I correctly describe the South Carolina Republican Party as the SC CCP-GOP.

The leaders in the “party” are Deep State hacks who do not support President Trump or care about the REAL Patriots who wish to be involved in the Republican Party (which is now the Democratic Party in disguise).

REAL Patriots in South Carolina must oust the present leadership of the SC CCP-GOP if they want to be member of the SC GOP. If unable to do so because the “party” election system is rigged, their only option is to form a new political party of REAL SC Patriots.

But there remains that nasty problem of rigged elections.

The only way to truly end rigged elections is to put the cheaters in jail.

In time, I believe that will happen.

Continue to support President Trump.

Continue to demand that we FIX 2020!!!

Continue to demand an end to rigged elections.

Continue to demand an end to child sex trafficking (which I believe is a MAJOR problem in South Carolina).

Many “selected” officials in South Carolina and across this nation need a firsthand lesson on the consequences of conspiring to commit treason and for involvement in crimes against humanity.

No one is above the law.

No one.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸


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