Common Law Counters Woke Assault on Americans. 

Globalists Imposing woke policies in the U.S. learned a sound lesson and SCOTUS’ latest review session proves it. Judicial precedent is reestablished for 1st and 2nd ammendments; High Court favors state sovereignty in a seemingly polarizing reversal of the infamous Row V Wade.

Lose any friends lately? If you weren’t already low on comrades to talk with freely about your opinions, then the results of the U.S. Supreme Court’s most recent review session very likely whittled away at your circle of best buds. 

The Supreme Court just went old-school on the woke left. With the U.S. constitution at risk of being destroyed by woke policies, the timely appointments of three Supreme Court justices by President Donald J. Trump have delivered to faithful, hardworking, freedom-loving Americans what they wanted the most: the U.S. Constitution and judicial precedent at the forfront of jurisprudence. 

Sadly and predictably, the ‘oppressor and oppressed narrative’ is being imposed on your average folks who are nothing but victims of Cultural Marxim. The woke left abounds with limited resource narratives and seldom strays from the path of viciously attacking their strawman at the moment. They make sure to identify the “real” oppressor. Everyone knows who it is… If the new pride flag doesn’t illustrate this sentiment to you, then perhaps you didn’t notice the two new inclusions to the rainbow colors: Black and brown. The new flag includes everybody it has room for except heterosexual white males. 

The words ‘equity’ and ‘inclusion’ inconspicuously appear on posters, banners, websites, community organization literature, etc. Social Justice warriors openly proclaim that woke mobs will govern society. Stakeholder capitalism is destroying businesses foolish enough to be guilt-tripped into a Bcorp. (They call that goin’ broke)

Climate change plays a huge role in this. If the earth is danger of overheating, then we need to reduce carbon emissions. However we are heavily reliant upon the modern energy grid. If woke policies limit energy production, then energy becomes very expensive. To top it all off, just pull a cool Karl (Marx that is) and show em’ the strawman. (Putin) 

Now the U.S. Constitution postures gracefully over decades of lies and unconstitutional perversion of legally binding language along with an implicit disregard for state sovereignty. Meanwhile the true majority of our republic can champion the movement against tyranical governments with some gusto. There seems to be a few new platforms for growth in religious institutions. It appears the MAGA gang is eliminating establishment Republicans and Joe Biden has singlehandly destroyed everything that the Democrats considered to be promising initiatives. 

It’s not looking good for the globalists.

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