Exiting the Matrix

There are many unawakened people who are unconscious aggressors. It takes complete unconsciousness to do harm to other living beings. Whether it’s slaughterhouse workers torturing animals & installing more fearful energy into other people’s future meals, soldiers who seek & destroy by following orders, bullies in schools, trapped inner city kids that are willing to do whatever to get the bag, law officers with hatred within, or just abusive everyday normal-looking people that are loaded in toxins, drugs, enjoying fear-inducing content, living out their habitual lifestyle. Then there are the conscious aggressors who are more aware, feel more righteous & dislike or hate the unconscious ones for the harm they’re doing — some of them even do the same violent act towards the unconscious aggressors, which created the ongoing battlefield.

These are egos that feel superior to others because of their expanded awareness & information. It’s certain vegans that have beef with the meat-eaters, inmates who’ve killed child-molesters, the right vs left, organized religion wars, pro-choice that harms those who believe in pro-life, even pro-lifers that brings violence to abortion clinics & anyone who feels a certain way towards another person or group that are willing to take matters into their own hands. Many feel these actions are karmically justified, including myself, which brings many others to join the battles, depending on what side they relate to & we naturally identify in labels such as race, culture, religion, political & whatever else groups we feel we belong to. When we raise our consciousness higher, we clearly recognize the battlefield & will desire to exit from it.

This is the beginning of exiting the matrix — leaving the battlefield. It’s exhausting & doesn’t do any good for anyone. Next you will turn down the toxic food being offered, harmful drugs disguised as medicine, mind-controlling entertainment on all media platforms, the marketplace & the marketing that falsely justify slaving away only give your money back to buy unnecessary stuff for company profits.

Peace, Blessings, Love & Light 🙏🏽💜

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exiting the matrix



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