On J6 Response

I read President Trump’s 12 page response to the January 6th investigation. The objective of the letter is to point out the responsibilities and opportunities each branch of government had to correct the stolen 2020 election and their refusal to make it right.

Trump concludes with an assessment that the country is going to hell and no one in government seems to care. He says the DC swamp is doing everything they can to stop him but he will not be stopped.

Clearly, he has a plan to make things right.

His plan has not been revealed, nevertheless, he intends to save America.

If state executives, state legislatures, the U.S. congress, the Department of Justice, and the federal courts refuse to fix the 2020 election, that leaves Trump and his allies to do it themselves. He’s making the case for a reversal of the election results by a method most people have never considered.

Trump is a man of unmatched vision and ambition. His greatest achievement is rebuilding the American economy twice–first in the wake of Obama’s economic failures and then after covid lockdowns. He is going to rebuild the economy one more time.

Trump is building a legacy. He’ll go down in history as the greatest American president, partly because he will have rescued America from economic destruction on three occasions while fighting the Deep State the entire time.

America (And The World) Will be Saved.

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.

~Praying Medic (Dave Hayes)

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