Armor up

When anons came onto the scene we were feisty, we felt invincible. Our guy Trump was the most powerful man in the world. He embraced pepe memes.

Q is with me he would wink.

We attacked the deep state viciously on social media like a swarm, like a plague of truth. They could not escape us. No pedophile was safe, no corrupt player could keep us out of their comments.

Then when it felt like we were unstoppable Phase 2 of the plan occurred.

We were humbled.

Many lost sight of hope.

It felt like we were wandering in a desert.

Faith was required like never before for our community.

We have held strong together during this time. Many could not see the plan or a pathway to victory. Many anons lost their edge but we’ve been holding the line. Encouraging each other and memeing as the world experienced the precipice. It’s not over yet though anons.

It is absolutely imperative that we continue to keep our spiritual armor up. Our faith high and our optimism in tact. Q did not say we were the calm before and during the storm for no reason.

All of us together as a team can get through this. Faith is absolutely essential. Treasure this. Keep your mind guarded. Remember the bigger picture.

Remember that God will not abandon us.

God is all about WWG1WGA.

He’s the one who thought of it.

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