Part 1 : Eaters of Children, The Pedocracy Exposed…The Devil’s Simulation

Part 1 : Eaters of Children, The Pedocracy Exposed…The Devil’s Simulation

Posted By: oldmaninthedesert 
Date: Monday, 18-Apr-2022 16:06:55

I have nothing good to say about the Roman Catholic Church, and it’s debauchery from its very beginnings. There is a seven part take on this pope and the Church written by a Sister from Spain, at my blog, if you have not seen it, you might what to take a peak at it. This work here by Johnny Cirucci appears to be well researched…..But at this stage, I came across an interview with a researcher named “Johnny Cirucci”. Never heard of him before anywhere around the “Truth Community” but decided to give him a chance not knowing at the time that that particular interview would change my life forever. Johnny was exposing with sources and citations what could easily be tracked: who was really responsible for the endless War on Terror, 9/11, the Kennedy and Lincoln assassinations and more. He proved that, to this very day, all roads lead to Rome. More precisely, they lead to the Vatican and the Jesuits. [Indeed they do…dc]As a result, I reached out to Johnny and to my surprise, he got back to me. Anyone that ever spent time researching these topics knows that it’s not the norm. Soon enough I was tracking for myself the Catholics or Jesuits in the woodpiles of many prominent people in the world. From politics to entertainment, I was able to find the Catholic connections with no effort. It’s like they were there all the time, but only at that moment I had acquired the proper glasses to see past the numerous distractions. Practically, what started out as a hobby evolved into a volunteer job.The peak of our collaboration was a program Johnny and I did together in which we re-examined the infamous Franklin Cover-Up that took place in Omaha, Nebraska and surfaced publicly in the late 80’s. The information we gathered on this case alone was impressive. More astounding was the fact that it’s never been exposed the way it should.

Did you know that Lawrence E. King Jr., then high-level Republican official and manager of the Franklin Federal Credit Union, procured boys to be abused by the Elite from Boys Town, a Catholic non-profit organization supposedly dedicated to care for children? How did such an organization manage to brilliantly disassociate itself from this story? Could it have been the fact that the lead perspective in the case, John DeCamp, studied in a Catholic monastery as a boy intending to be a priest? Or the fact that DeCamp was the lawyer of Monsignor Robert Hupp, the overseer of Boy’s Town at the time? Do you think Hupp’s actions at Boys Town contributed to him being nominated as a representative to the United Nations on behalf of children?

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