Pepe Lives Matter

Anons have watched as the mainstream media hid the cures to covid, idolized mass murderer Fauci, tricked sheep into wearing ineffective masks and cower in fear for a virus with an over 99% survival rate and a cure, claim that Epstein Island was merely a work out gym, say with certainty that Trump colluded with Russia while knowing he didn’t, ban anyone who questions their narratives and cover for pedophiles and swamp creatures around the world.

And people have the gall to ask me why I don’t believe them when they command that I get in line and agree with their Ukraine narrative.

That’s never going to happen.

We literally ARE the news now.

They will never convince me to trust them again after what they’ve done.

I’ll be damned if I ever go back to thinking like a sheep and getting back in line. It will never happen again.

Thinking for ourselves is in our anon DNA.

There’s no going back.


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