Russian President Vladimir Putin told Donald J. Trump on Friday that he had ordered the execution of 12 international bioweapons engineers captured by Russian forces in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities a Mar-a-Lago source privy to the conversation.

Putin called the engineers transnational criminals and said Ukraine is not a breeding ground for Western “pestilence,” a word he has often used to refer to bioweapons facilities and child trafficking syndicates.

In what he called a communal execution, his military commanders had assembled the 12 criminals and beheaded them one by one on Putin’s orders. Each of the condemned, except the last one who died, had to witness the brutal, gruesome scene. Many pleaded for their lives as they watched in horror as the heads of their co-workers were sawed off at the neck. Some tried to close their eyes, but Russian soldiers forced those eyes open with their thumbs. Half of the group pissed themselves before their heads were chopped off.

Putin said he captured them alive because he wanted to send a clear, unadulterated message to the CEOs of bioweapons consortia that had manufactured weapons of mass destruction on Ukrainian soil.

“Putin told Trump that the executions were videotaped, that he would send the video to the people responsible for building those labs. He also said that two American ‘dirt and scum’ were among the group killed and that a video of their beheading would be sent to DARPA,” our source said.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is a research and development agency of the U.S. Department of Defense responsible for developing new technologies for use by the military. Putin claimed that DARPA controlled two biological/chemical research facilities in central Ukraine.

“This is how we do it in Russia, President Trump. No lengthy process, no tribunal to waste time. We know these men were guilty because we caught them; if they were innocent, we wouldn’t prosecute them. I am not sorry to inform you that two Americans were killed. They were criminals,” Putin reportedly told Trump.

“Well, President Putin, I think you know what you are doing, and frankly I think you have the right idea. What’s going on with these labs is a great shame and disaster,” Trump replied.

In conclusion, Putin told President Trump, “The war is almost over,” but did not explain how long “almost” would last.










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