☝️ How they kept the DEATH OF THE QUEEN hidden for near 2 years is astounding……/// ANONS knew… The TRUTH long ago 😉…….

Many are missing in the Royal family ( not reported)// many CCP Elites are missing ( not reported) // many are missing in the U.S. > elites> celebrities> military personal, CIA , FBI AGENTS, ( not being reported)///

DC GHOST TOWN ( NO MONEY, BROKE DISTRICT… Ten square miles of central DC buildings closed down. Empty
UK MAJESTY major castle estates closed. . Buckingham palace closed first time in history and reopens as museum and self guided tours.. Allowing people through the once forbidden Palace to roam
CHINA CCP ELITES fortress and dynasty homes and Estates empty/deserted 22 Provinces controlled by the PRC
VATICAN RUNS OUT OF MONEY (smallest country in the world since 1929 that controls the Catholic system in 5 continents across the World and collected quintillions$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ of dollars through controlled donations, banking system, extortion, blackmails, money laundering, Italian mafia controlled empire that stretches into Las Vegas system) … And now they are broke???

If your don’t know what’s happening . You’ll never know!!!.

If you know… Keep your seats belts buckled buttercups!!!!!!!



~Q The Storm Rider

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