It is interesting to note that Ukrainian Neo-Nazis are invoking the Holocaust narrative to relate their own “plight” in response to Russia’s special operations in the Ukraine.

Why would supposed “Nazis” appeal to the Holocaust?

The truth is that Ukrainian Neo-Nazism is, in reality, just a front for American Liberalism to spread its influence further eastwards. Behind the mask of Ukrainian “Nazism” is, in reality, just the face of western liberalism and liberalism alone.

When the Russians speak of “denazification”, they are in reality speaking of the elimination of Anti-Russian forces in the geo-political sense. Not in any kind of ideological or philosophic sense. For Russia itself is home to influential and loyal Russians who are themselves Fascist.

So one can better understand now once and for all what one is observing here:

Ukrainian “Nazism” = Liberalism

Russian “denazification” = eliminating anti-Russian forces (servants of American Liberalism)

~The Fascifist Archive

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