Earth is under construction

The collective awakening is proceeding as divinely planned, despite worldwide restrictions & appearances of freedom seemingly becoming increasingly unsettling. Earth is under construction. 

There is a larger Divine Conscious Energy, we could All as One, align ourselves energetically & not blindly follow large abusive corps that have proven over & over to be untrusting. New information is arising that can lead to more appropriate solutions to many issues worldwide but these info are still & have been hidden or distorted. 

It is essential to listen with CLEAR & CALM Divine discernment as new info may arise in unforeseen or unexpected places & people. The knowledge & info necessary to ease into this Great Shift are accessible if you can be open to ideas & concepts of different perspectives, from your previously conceived notions & beliefs. 

Many are so accustomed to competitive schooling, programming, contests & challenges as a means to dominate the next appropriate, necessary & progressive steps — that to interact in harmony instead of confrontational provocation may seem counter-productive. It is the burning of inner fear within Self that continues to fuel the fight — but this too will burn out by a Divine high frequency reign season. 

It is SOLELY YOUR OWN INNER FEARFUL THOUGHTS & ACTIONS that fuel these global dark subject matters, giving it enough energy to manifest itself into physical reality. When millions of people absorb & emit low fearful energies, whatever that subject matter may be, it creates a strong energetic current to exist in OUR physical world. 

Please keep your intent, words & action to be high & loving vibrations — no matter what & not engage in conflict, instead practice peace, empathy & without judgment of others expressions. Those on a galactic New Earth path should intensify their intention to only emit LOVE & healing to all. Doing this is truly effective & will greatly assist in alleviating & dissolving fearful energies stirring up in so many humans around you. Eye Am grateful & honor you for your service.

Peace, Blessings, Love & Light 🙏🏽💜


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