Putin is helping all Europeans get rid of the corrupt foreign organization called the EU. Putin gives the final push to the last weak bastion of the NWO.

Seriously, what did they expect? Russia is the main supplier of natural gas to EU countries. Of course, if you sanction Russia, you drive up gas prices. If you impose sanctions on Russia, you will harm your companies that depend on this gas and that have already been squeezed by two years of a FAKE PANDEMIC. Sanctioning Russia is essentially committing suicide. In all of this, we see financial players dumping the euro, which is falling against the dollar!


One thought on “Summary:

  1. Just came across you on Twitter & code message. Thank You & praying 🙏 for ALL! How can I best keep learning… I’ve been researching & putting together 🧩for over 5+ years… as so were people all over the world & we were all communicating B4 big tech started banishing us while trump was running for president in 2016.

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