Long Game

If you want to take yourself back to 1991, this is a fantastic listen by Bill Cooper.

I cannot fathom or imagine having access to this level of knowledge for that many years, and more. If you have been holding on to this Truth for that long or longer, CONGRATULATIONS.

I constantly hear Patriots say “if something doesn’t happen after 9/11/21, I’m done listening to you! The plan isn’t playing out”!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaa…sit the f*** down, drill instructor mode activated.

Patriots have been part of this battle for decades. Many of us are young and fresh battle support. Trump only left office in January 2021. This is a 6,000 Year War. No shit Sherlock we aren’t near the Candy Land ladder to take us up to the end of the game. The game only ends when Jesus Christ reveals himself on this Earth and takes His own home. Patriots had better band together and find cohesiveness like we’ve never experienced before.
Amen 🙏🏻🙌🏻

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