Curiouser and curiouser…

There seems to be this incredibly strange idea going around that you’re not allowed to talk about the deep state elements of highly influential nuclear armed countries if those countries happen to have a majority Jewish population.

There’s also the flip side to that; immature people who are incapable of talking about the deep state elements of a given country without conflating it with the race of the people in that country. This is most often applied to Israel in online chats (for a variety of reasons, not least of which is a higher proportion of paid agitators,) but could apply just as equally to Iran, Pakistan, China etc.

These are both basically two faces of the same thing; immature racist identity politics nonsense.

Nuclear armed powers will inevitably develop a deep state. Those powers that are first out of the gate will gain power fastest, and over time the more technologically capable powers will develop a more far-reaching and pernicious deep state faster than less technologically capable ones. This is particularly true in a cold war scenario where certain countries are left in the precarious situation of playing to both sides of larger powers in order to avoid getting caught in the middle.

Confronting black hat intelligence is a matter of global security and it is serious adult business. There is no time or place for immature identity politics when you are talking about the stability of the entire world. Either a country is engaging in black hat intelligence or they are not. Either they are a greater threat or a lesser threat to world stability than this state or the other. National security and global stability are matter of fact discussions that don’t have time to stop and ask the ADL, the Muslim Defense League, the CCP’s media assets at NBC, or whatever other communist racial distraction group what they think about it.

If you are incapable of talking about the issue of the Israeli deep state, the Iranian deep state, the Pakistani deep state, the German deep state, the Vatican deep state, the American deep state, or the Martian deep state like a level-headed adult without bringing race into the matter like a salty 15-year old scrawling obscenities on a bathroom wall, then you are not actually contributing anything useful to the conversation other than shouting “racist” or being “racist,” which in this case are essentially the same thing.

It’s like when people in the front seat of a car are trying to have a conversation and every time they open their mouths the dog in the back seat starts barking because it thinks it’s part of the conversation. If you happen to find yourself in either one of these immature camps I’ve described, I can assure you that the people you are barking at appreciate your contributions to the conversation precisely as much as they appreciate the dog’s.

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