Superb Owl

You know they had to have the ritual bread and circus Super Bowl “56” ready for the masses, with all their favorite throwback artists, to completely erase their simple minds; reminding them of their beloved old “normal” that they miss so much, as they remain unaware of the genocide all Govern-Ments are carrying out..

“56” is used a LOT in this Ritual/Cull and Control Agenda.

In Gematria everything below has a value of “56”


“Covid Vaccine”

“Anthony Fauci”

“Fauci ouchie”

“Washington DC”

“Society Of Jesus”

“Black Lives Matter”



“Fratelli Tutti”

“Royal Family”


“Climate Change”

“Natural Disaster”

“Food shortage”

“Empty Shelves”

“Twenty twenty”

“Toilet paper”

“Mind Control”

And this is just a few. keep an eye out for when they say non sense like “A new strain of Covid that’s 56% more deadly” or “56% will be Infected in 8 weeks”… 8 weeks = 56 days.. The world truly is a stage. Pull back the curtain, The only thing keeping us from freedom is ourselves..

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