We The Media

I haven’t a clue when Donald J. Trump will begin counter-punching, but I do know these things:

• He’s been a “counter-puncher” his entire life.

• He’s quietly and calmly played “rope-a-dope” for five years; letting the DS throw every punch they have in their playbook… and dodged every single one.

• The DS seems to be running out of gas.

• Trump has ALL the dirt on these shitbags.

• He seems almost cocky; the exact opposite of a man who “lost”.

• My gut keeps telling me that he’s enjoying this part of the chess match known as the “endgame”; he acts like he already knows exactly how many moves remain and what each move is.

• WHEN Trump switches from defense to offense, it ain’t going to be “jab, jab, jab”, it’s going to be bare-knuckle brawling and he’s going to be heaving haymakers.

I’m ready, Mr. Trump. Where do I enlist? I want a second go-around and would be honored to have served under (you) and Mr. Ronald Reagan.

Let’s roll!

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