This is not about any one person

Spit Ball

How do you unite the American people?

Is Trump trying to unite the American people around him?

The answer is no.

Trump is doing something much bigger.

Set your love for Trump aside and try to view it from Trump’s perspective.

How can he change things permanently and unite the country at the same time?

There’s only one way and it’s not about him.

It’s the same reason he let them steal the election and walked away.

It’s not about him.

What makes America special?

What separates our country from the rest of the world?

Why are Americans so independent and strong willed?

Feared by our enemies?

How did this country begin?

Trump is bringing us back to the beginning.


How will he unite us all?

He’s going to unite the American people around the Constitution again.

He’s going to unite the American people around the rule of law.

He will do that by EXPOSING the crimes and then PROSECUTING the criminals.

He’s been teaching us all some very important parts of the constitution that we’ve forgotten, that were put there to protect us from tyranny.

They aren’t going to get away with any of it.

But you better get used to something.

If I’m right a lot of you guys are going to be disappointed because you want Trump back as soon as possible.

He’s off the stage for a reason and he’s gonna stay off the stage while the mass arrests happen by the military, Durham, Weiss etc. because it’s not about him, it’s about the rule of law.

That’s one reason I believe we are heading to a constitutional crisis so the military can assume control during the mass arrests and the rule of law and constitution is enforced.

That’s why there will be a new election afterwards.

Just how I see it and all just my opinion


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