The world is not what you think

Hone Heke’s act was intended to show displeasure at the British government, yet not threaten the European settlers. On 19 July 1844, Hone Heke wrote to Governor Fitzroy (who had replaced Governor Hobson):

This is exactly it, just like what Q Save The World says.

[THEY] turn us against eachother.

It’s not the Jews, Christians, Catholics, Muslims, British, Germans, Chinese, Republicans, Democrats, Labor, Liberal, Communism, Capitalism, Men, Women, Elderly, Children, Disabled, Lesbian & Gay etx

It is the Secret Societies, Khazarian/Zionists, Private Corporations ie Royals,Vatican, Roman Empire, Big Pharma, Big Tech & MSM.

They got us to worship them, yet they continually break us apart.

You are all going to learn the truth of WW1 & 2. Was never Good vs Bad guys. It was simply created like that.

When you can rise above just like King Hone Heke did for his people of New Zealand then you will win and escape the evil Matrix these bastards have entrapped you all in.


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