The Storm Has Arrived 17

Good Sunday morning Patriots 🇺🇸

Did you hear President Trump last night talking about how he could walk away and he would have a “very wonderful life”?

Well I see a lot of people complaining that Trump wALkEd aWaY and did not fight hard enough to stay in office. This is small minded.

He set them up. He knew they were gonna steal it, as he told us time & time again before the election. Not only did this expose election fraud, but also exposed how broken the system is as a whole (courts, judges, state legislatures etc).

I believe a key part of this plan is a red wave in 2022, which means flooding the system with votes.

Taking away mail-in ballots is the key, IMO. The machines can only go so far with their algorithms. So we need to vote in massive numbers this year (as DJT said last night).

Trump never walked away. He is showing us how they operated before they are destroyed.

Although it’s hard, try to enjoy the masterful art of war that we are witnessing right now.

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