IET 17:

If the voting systems are definitively rigged in their favor still today :

Why are the Dems D E S P E R A T E to make new “woke” voting laws ?

Are they thinking it won’t be enough next time ?

Have new voting protection laws implemented in several key states knocked a huge chunk off ?

How many states have been forced to purge their voter registry roles recently? (A lot)

How many current state and federal investigations are taking place for voting fraud? See any of them arrested lately ? (Yes)

Over the next 10 months will Biden improve or worsen the Dems chances of electing Democrats in 2022.

How many and which senate positions and house positions are up for election this year ? (A lot)

How many not seeking re-election? Why?

How many states removed mail in voting? 👀

And lastly, what are the Dems gonna campaign on? They’re “great job” ? Kek

Lots of liberals waking up because Biden and Democrats are floundering miserably. “Vote Blue down ticket so we can f*** up some more of your sh**. “

You see- the Dems don’t stand a chance and if they don’t get the voting bills passed and they can’t cheat like they could before – they’re FOOOKED when we show up in November.

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