A poem and my response to said poem, 11.13.2010

you are the light and the way in a

cold and unfeeling world,

you are what makes my senses catch fire

I feel my self retching and

writhing in pleasure and in pain

as if nothing could ever put them out

life has become so much more than

surroundings and circumstances

i can feel an awakening in my soul

that only you could stir

your words envelope me and take

me away to a place I could never

create on my own


A glimpse…

of something real, someone real…

and thus his restored

hope, for a world turned cold.

Two very

different worlds, intertwined

at the start, torn asunder

before a realization was made

Time and

heartache shaped their worlds

molded by an untamed fire

The two were driven to meet again

Magnets from

afar, triggered by a signal

of something deeper

than themselves. What will

Happen, as only

time and love will tell

this electrifying

and magical tale?

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