A message for humanity

If you haven’t been jabbed yet and you wish to be alive to see 2026/2027…. Do not get jabbed. If you were/are gullible enough to succumb to your fear and get jabbed… you are going to die, from related though not acknowledged health complications, within the next five or so years.

I am writing this without emotion, I have dear friends and family who have been jabbed. They will die, probably in horribly painful ways. I don’t trust any government and the levels of coercion to receive an experimental genetic therapy threw up a great many red flags for me. As a student of history, trust in the assumed benevolence of one’s government is perhaps the greatest sign of mental illness.

The information has been out there, for the majority of people. Fear is the game of the Cabal… manufactured fear of a virus with a 99.9997% survivability rate. ReAlly, this is a culling of the retarded sheep, it may be crass, but “the useless eaters”. I’ve called it since February 2020, this will be the common cold pandemic.

We are in the midst of a spiritual war, fear is one of the greatest WMDs ever….

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