The Truth of the Matter

Well, right now it’s back to regular flu season. Strangely enough, the focus is still on Crown. This time of year, there’s the annual flu, but also the common cold. Both are caused by mostly 4 virus families: entero, rhino, influenza and corona! Just 2 days ago I’ve read that new research points to a rate of 50% false positives! The reason: the test also reacts to the old corona versions!

Add in the fact that most people who died so far were 80+ of age. Most of them also had underlying medical conditions. So the virus was just the proverbial final drop. Common diseases: diabetes, adipositas, heart conditions, COPD… Just to name a few.

The face rags are useless. It’s just to instill fear and keep it going. And to instill a sense of false security. The only reason surgeons wear masks is so they don’t accidentally spit into open wounds. But nobody rund around with open wounds in public! Also, viruses are way smaller than bacteria! The masks stop bacteria, but viruses can easily travel past them, because the pores are too big!

Lockdowns are useless, too. So far, there’s an increase in psychiatric conditions: depression, suicides… Even in kids! The only thing lockdowns do is ruin small businesses such as bars, restaurants, clubs, local businesses…. We’ll see a rise in jobless people, maybe even the homeless, too! And they ruin social life!

Human beings are social creatures. We need each other to survive. Isolating us damages the psyche, but also our immune system! And it restricts communication – to mostly phone, internet and the few family members… Phone is risky, the own family usually agrees with you and internet, well, since Crown, censorship is on the rise!

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