Good men are not gone

Fertility, this is the greatest gift a woman can give a man.

Women/girls wonder where all the “good guys” went…they’re still around…the thing is: traditionalism went completely out with the advent of modern feminism and Tinder, Bumble, etc etc. Why the fuck would any reputable guy invest anything of value into something women/girls give away to all the Chads and Tyrones for free?!? The juice is not worth the squeeze. Guys, don’t settle for a ran through roadway for bad boy cock. These women/girls made their choices, they chose to ruin their reproductive systems and pair-bonding abilities with bad boys. Let them fester in their sea of STDs and vaginosis.

On top of all that, women are mostly insufferable to be around, with very little of interest to say…seeing that they lose any real interest other than their power over men, once they learn of their sexual desirability. The success of the fashion and makeup industries can tell you that. Lies, Revlon, and manipulations. Once an attractive woman hits the wall, she understands that she’ll have to find something else to use to interest men, bedsides her rapidly depreciating sexual marketplace value.

Those with young/untainted daughters, teach them to respect themselves and their fertility, teach them about the lie that feminism is. Sexual freedom for women is not empowering, it is damming…to any chance of a future family and happy, pair-bonded marriage.

That is all for now…

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