Highland Hiccups

Sitting, thinking, feeling high

3,000mg Sacramento solid,

“No smoke, I’m from Colorado”

Indicascent… lights, all of it

Hyper-aware “I won’t let you miss class”

One thinks ten, not even two

minutes pass with

many thoughts, permeating

Sensing, but not hearing

Oh yeah, earbuds

Facepalm moments, to what

height will rise, one

questions whatever

permeates ether

good stuff, evr’y atom,

projected thought. Pain is gone.

Ohio, needs to grow, to sell

edible, credible, nonsmokable

painkilling green stuff

“Why aren’t you Colorado!”

Self-screams to fuckall, inside headspace

cafeteria quiet, ping, pool, study

Quiet, watch, reverse oreo madness

cookie pool, alone…mind shifts to poetry

twenty-eight minute piss,


“Is the river wide enough to swim?”

Piss I must!

Is there enough time

that bullshit construct

all is now, ever was now, moments pass

energy captured, sees life’s alive

sees life not alive

Do I have enough time

grammarly helps, thought streams flow

Saves readers from seeing Poet’s ooops

alone in thought, empties out after

Lunch had on fly

Goddamn, still so soaringly high

Time still slowed to crawl

Now is now and it’s understood

Why then, being up was rage

time conceptions assimilate

Sense making illusions

To realize reality is as reality be

Not formed mind skips beat

Wave upon wave

Thought over thought

Eye itched

Try to get back

Soon bus cometh over hill of

Thoughts body moves

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