Sex is fun and I love having it, but I don’t. Yes, I have sexual thoughts all throughout the day. Yes, I’m a good looking guy with a gym-toned body. I’m more than average, in the intelligence arena, I’m back in school for a second/third degree, etc etc. I am busy(ish). I am an 18 year TBI survivor. I have not made out or kissed a woman in over a year…I haven’t had sex in three and a half years, haven’t orgasmed from sex in seven years. I don’t really care….the drama and bullshit is something I don’t care to fuck with. My peace is too valuable. The juice is not worth the squeeze. Jumping through so many goddamn hoops and such just for a piece of overvalued, overused pussy is not something I care to do. No judgement for anyone who does partake. I just value my time, money, sanity more. Namaste, mother fuckers.

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