Bar Night Beginnings

bar stool sitting, writing, people watching

girl with previous night’s wear shuffles in

disheveled hair, all day shame walk

someone had fun or left unsatisfied

*shrug* it is Saturday night

midwest city lacking decorum

any city for that matter

strange is strange

some can’t resist the pull

in walks a somewhat hottie

heels high to shape the ass

legs of sexy muscle

somewhat hot, aptly described

the fact I know her is shovel to face

no thank you

cougar sits end of bar

girls. boys. young. around

ignored, out of place

trying to fit in

I’d hit it…after a few

not to happen as sober night waxes

*shrugs off guy mode*

people are fun

people are predictable


fault not their own

striving to survive best way known

*packs pen, paper, brain*

I need to go home.

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