microchimerism and the feels

This whole male microchimerism phenomenon, within females, coupled with the idea of going my own way, tripled with the reality of the lack of true feminine love has led me to some stark realizations. Romantic love does not exist and I want no part of the bullshit facade society portrays as ideal.

I fucking hate the way I act around certain women, no matter how much I know they are just your, typical, hypergamous bitch. It’s sickening and I…I…I hate it. Ha! You gotta love nostalgic simping. /facepalm

I need to re-examine my social being and find out where I stand and stay away from certain triggers…fuck me, I sound like a SJW fucktard! Lol, but seriously, I need to remove the temptation of contact and bomb Baghdad on any form of interaction, at least until this is sorted out. I’ve done it with one of the wimens I used to hold in high regard, need to do it with the rest.

*          *           *

(An evolution of thought)

Upon further exploration, months/years/whatever later, I’ve found that withholding my energy from sources that offer nothing but an attention dump was the right choice. Reclaiming my power, the power within, rather than depending on external sources of validation is, perhaps, the wisest thing I have done and will ever do.

Energy is everything, I am energy, you are energy, he is energy, she is energy…this, that, those, all energy. Energy surrounds us, is us…energy is god, per se.  Forget the religious mumbo-jumbo, religion is complete bullshit, a relic from a bygone era, used by those in charge to control the masses. Religion is still used, to this day, to control the unknowing masses, most believing in the truly beautiful ignorance that they are acting/guiding out of benevolence. There are some who know the real truth and pull the religious strings, I won’t point fingers or shove a “boot” up anyone’s ass, just putting it out there.

Women, I love the feminine aspect. Instinctually I am drawn to it. Being a heterosexual make, it makes perfect sense.  Women have been corrupted by freedom, a feminine agenda run amok has created an “us versus them” paradigm between men and women. Men and women are different, fuck off with the gender parity nonsense. Mediocre men is what women are striving to be all while emasculating real men, thus making them mediocre as well.

Honestly, I can see and value the idea of virginity in females even more-so now, I also understand why it was a much coveted want in yesteryears. Men as the, males of most species on the planet, are able to mate with multiple women.  Women, as females of most species on the planet, are tied to, at least, one , for about a year at a time, but then there is the microchimerism.  Say a guy and a girl, first true loves, both each others first sexual partner, both nineteen, agree to take a year or two off. You know, sow those oats, try new things/people/races. When and a big if they get back together, their first love will be residual but always an aftereffect. The guy will probably feel the exact same way about the girl. The female, on the other hand with all the other guys she’s been fucking’s DNA swimming around in her, will only feel a shadow of what she had. Pair bonding, for a lasting relationship, may be nigh on impossible, regardless of what you hopeless romantics claim.

The realms of desire and reality are two very different things. Cake and eat it too? Hardly. The sexual revolution has backfired.  Free love and feminism (masked communism), among other things, has turned the US’ sense of being, sense of self, and economy to shit.

That is all for now.

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