Thoughts: 9/1/2017

My life has been an ever evolving tapestry of ups and downs, growth and pain. Through all of this, I find that I have gone through certain shifts and have arrived to my inner nirvana.

When younger, pre-accident and the first few years of post accident trauma, I was very much an extrovert by choice and requirement. Even the Myer-Briggs said I was an ENFP time and again.

I saw myself in my late twenties becoming more of an ambivert and valuing more time alone. Or because I was in denial about my introversion, still clinging to an identity to which I no longer belonged. Any Myer-Briggs I would take came out INTJ.

I realize you can actually choose to which personality trait you desire by what identity you cling to…seriously, if you’re aware enough, the Myer-Briggs test is complete bullshit.

I am an introvert, much preferring to be alone and wanting nada to do with bullshit drama of the majority of humans. I lived alone for 11 years and recently moved in with a roommate. I am fine with it, we interact about as much as when I lived alone. It is just easier on both of us financially.

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