Social understanding 

When you have never experienced the sensual touch of another, being touched in a sensual manner is very foreign idea. I am very interested in the female form, sensuality, and mind, but I have never experienced true sexuality. What chances I have had have been frought with self doubt and negative self talk.  I have … Continue reading Social understanding┬á


Sanity's Plea In dead of night, awakened by fire, mind takes flight Flame tendered on tension's rise, thoughts rendered for distraction's prize Publicly alone, bubble of awareness none dare penetrate for cowardice sake Tedious to play bullshit game, known not at all, save by name  Reactionary smile displayed all the while, secrets known from burden … Continue reading #363


Universal Trial Laughing out, laughing out loud, laughing out now  Choosing life, that happiness light Imaginel cell arrival, replication, supplanting what grows not Cocoon of paradigm shifting sand Blown to glass with struggle's reality driven heat