Feed It Beans

I know, they know, you know I’m a lyrical poet

It’s not like I try to hide it, I show it 

Proudly, screaming from the top down

And my words just won’t run out 

Spitting and ripping most times without rhymes

And It ain’t no crime 

The words I show are seeds that grow 

To let others know that no matter where they go

You gotta trust yourself and be your own rock

You are of value, be sure not to give too many a fuck

Life becomes what it will, energy alive

Rife with heartache, lost love, and strife, yet you will thrive

Beauty is fostered in every glance

It’s in the strength to continue and fight for the chance 

At vibrational rise, that subtle reprise 

From the mundane bullshit of our everyday lives.

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