Fifth dimensional thoughts…

At a church  

Seeing the fruit of Archon (demon) worship with eyes wide open. It is an energetic cancer, gullible searchers clinging to false truth, playing on the unconscious desire for true consciousness. If only they knew the truth their energy was pouring to. It isn’t even looking down on them, for they don’t know, cannot know, it feels like truth. Evil doth come in form of comforting clothing. It is truly maddening seeing the brainwash occur before my eyes. Guided random references, the well off patting their backs….giving energy (money and life) to the clever archonic energy. Trapped in a bubble, ignoring the source, subtle drilling, to give a fuck only for fellow Archon slaves. 

Energy of life, energy of humanity’s light, removed…human batteries, Archon worship colored fancy, covered with pineal tweaking music, those magical vibrations. Quantum mechanical manipulation…realizing the most enlightened in the room are the two goldfish swimming in a fishbowl.

This morning was a series of humans flopping around in the third dimension, much like a fish out of water.

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