Dysfunctional Paradigm 

Dissonance of the cognitive sort plagues the American front

Wrapped in cocoon of lies and calcified minds, water is the source of life

Toxic food and bandied wars, kill all for want of nothing

Fiat flowers wilt souls and bend backs of masses untold

Stooge seems like, genius may be, takes the reigns in the late teens

Hegemonic rulers of a world gone mad, lose control 

War is sought and clandestinely fought for with all they have

Globally conscious outnumber the lost, the puppets of yore

What comes next has never come before, beauty and peace,

Are at least within our reach if we get past the greed that has become a leech

To world seen as nothing more than piñata of money to be plucked

And reaved as corporations rape it’s life, it’s nature and leave

Far less, like a virus, becoming infested and leaving divested 

A world uninhabitable by life as is, life cries out for relief

Radioactive isotopes cause grief in deadened oceans 

Mankind in arrogance play with godlike notions

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