My awakening

I now know about the different sides of the brain and that I am in tune with both halves… I was extremely gifted with school growing up and still hold amazing (left side focused) mathematics and memory skills.  But I am so very in tune with the energy flowing through everything since my car accident.  My injury was centered through the corpus colossum.. perhaps this jarring awakened some previously overshadowed abilities.  I am more in touch with the collective energy that is human existence and I have  an amazing ability to bend words to my will. I am a gifted poet and phenomenal writer,

My right brain, which has always been around, me being left handed and all, is now the main player in most of my dealings.  Before my accident my brain was decently balanced, though definitely more left brain focused. I excelled at academics, languages and sports  (not sure if sports are right or left), but I also incorporated my right brain and creativity centers amazingly well; self taught on the guitar, singer, songwriter, dancer and more besides.

Post accident, I still have the same capabilities with academics, only my obsession for success in the world changed.  After Graduating from college, 5 years post injury… I lost the luster and drive for the system of academic slave training.  I took to studying what I wanted to study.  My knack for language picked up after my accident, whereas I was a budding poet prior, I became rather prolific in the field afterwards…I now have many qualities of an autodidact, studying what I choose and becoming well versed in the subject. At the same time, I have what may be characterized as intellectual ADD….amidst my studies, if I see a subject I am extremely interested in, my focus is switched. SQUIRREL!!!!!

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