Take into account the bullshit that means so much to so many

What is truth?!? Social meanderings to sate the fact that he is too much

Too much life enclosed in broken shell

In cracks, broken child, seventeen and forgotten 

Covered over, masked with social suave….a tendency to give no fucks

Fucks be given in quiet moments, realizations of sole aloneness 

Scar covered with tissue, protective shell built decades hence 

Alone to fight, alone to reflect, part time friend a plenty

Alone is known is what life is, connections for a time….

Rented and replaced. Night bears down, moments alive with ghosts

Playing over and again, a demon dance shared to none 

Internalized hell, brings comfort of familiar suffering 

None to notice, to ask beyond surface. None to care.

Banal platitudes of strength; of fight at tongue tip

Throat catches yearning for deeper connection 


Push it down, too much to burden…too much to share….

Too much!

This is life.

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