Cathartically Cataclysmic 

Changes you in ways that can’t be imagined

Some universal, others unique as an eye


Granted not taken for chances at life

Balls of steel, some…scared shitless, the rest 

Pain changes a man, a woman, a person 

When the only choice is survival or death,

Pain takes a back seat 

Unimaginably morbid, pain is the common denominator 

Not for any fear or conscious choice

To live is all there is, the human will to fight

That spark inside, that bud of inspiration 

Within every single one

Brings to life life, brings purpose in droves 

Unexplainable yet so very common

Battles waged lives on end

Love carries over, pulling through and making life

Love of others, love directed toward

Love, soft as feather sharper than sword 

Cataclysmic entity available in spades

Changing this world every second, every day 

Pain will remain, make it background noise.

Love one another, all girls, all boys

Be love.

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